AtkinsRéalis for Georgia transport resilience

AtkinsRéalis will develop strategies that integrate vulnerability assessment results into asset management systems with the goal of protecting the US state’s transportation network.
Highway & Network Management / June 25, 2024 1 minute Read
By David Arminas
Didn’t see that coming (image © Irina Kozhemyakina/Dreamstime)

AtkinsRéalis, a global services and project management company, has been awarded the Georgia Department of Transportation’s first Statewide Resilience Improvement Plan Support Services contract.

Under the three-year contract, AtkinsRéalis will assess risks to local communities and the economy in the face of increasing natural disasters and extreme weather events. Strategies will be developed that integrate vulnerability assessment results into asset management systems with the goal of protecting state’s transportation network.

AtkinsRéalis will inventory existing resiliency and carbon reduction-oriented deployments and create a prioritisation framework to optimise the use of resources and maximise Federal match benefits.

The company will recommend organisational structures to support resiliency and develop effective public outreach and messaging. AtkinsRéalis will also support the transportation department’s resiliency committee through support of the Carbon Reduction and PROTECT programme-related work, including advising the department about resiliency best practices.

Various hazard, vulnerability and resilience software tools will be used to assess existing and future infrastructure. Data-driven dashboards and web mapping applications will be used to enhance coordination with internal and external stakeholders.

“Our integrated, multidisciplinary team connects our resilience planning, emergency management and mitigation-focused experts with our team of professional engineering, disaster response and recovery and support specialists,” said Brad Dennard, senior vice president for AtkinsRéalis’s work with US departments of transportation.

AtkinsRéalis has supported the state’s department of transportation for more than 35 years and managed and delivered 30 on-call contracts across Georgia since 2000. The company has developed more than 80 state, regional and local hazard mitigation plans throughout the State supporting initiatives by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Floodplain Management Program, including the Georgia Flood Map Modernisation Program and development of the Georgia Resiliency Blueprint for nearly two decades.

AtkinsRéalis has supported the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Army Corps of Engineers and the departments of transportation for the states of North Carolina and Florida through various on-call contracts. Work performed includes planning, design and program management services encompassing resilience studies, feasibility studies, transportation studies, safety studies, engineering analysis and design and environmental services.

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