Brodno-Kysucke Nove Mesto bypass progresses

Metrostav was chosen to build the D3 Zilina-Kysucké Nové Mesto feeder in Brodno town.
Highway & Network Management / September 22, 2022 1 minute Read
By David Arminas
A bypass of Kysucke Nove Metso has long been desired by town officials, with around 16,500 vehicles or more using the road daily through Kysucké Nové Mesto (image © Jan Sirina/Dreamstime)

Work on the bridge along the D3 Brodno-Kysucke Nove bypass in Slovakia continues, with micropilot injection and pillars being prepared for the D3 motorway connection road.

According to the National Highway Company, NDS, the 10km road will connect the I/11 road, the future D3 motorway and the Road III/2095. A high-voltage transfer will be set up for the feeder in the autumn of 2022. The connecting road is due to be completed at the end of 2023.

Kysucké Nové Mesto is a town around 10km from the city of Žilina in north-western Slovakia, around 200km from the capital Bratislava, close to both the Czech and Polish borders. A bypass has long been desired by town officials. Even as early as 2005, around 16,500 vehicles used the road through Kysucké Nové Mesto daily.

Last December, NDS signed a contract with Metrostav to build the D3 Zilina-Kysucké Nové Mesto feeder in Brodno. The feeder starts on Road I/11 and connects to a T-shaped intersection. The feeder route then crosses the bridge and crosses the I/11 road, crossing the Kysuca River and the future D3 highway.

Meanwhile, the state procurement office, UVO, is working with the Slovak road management company SSC to set up a tender for construction of the northern bypass, a contract expected to be worth more than €75 million. The project will include construction of a 705m-long bridge over the Vah River.

Sala is a town of round 25,000 in southwest Slovakia and sits on the Vah River, about 65km from the capital Bratislava.

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