Burkina Faso improves Ouahigouya connection

The work is part of the government’s 2021-2025 RND plan to improve national roads.
Highway & Network Management / July 25, 2022 1 Read
By David Arminas
Highway leading out of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (image © Matthieuclouis/Dreamstime)

The government of Burkina Faso has approved a proposed upgrade and asphalting of the 115km National Road 23 connecting Ouahigouya and Djibo.

The US$74.8 million contract will be awarded to the construction and engineering firm Entreprise Africaine des Travaux Publics, based in Ouagadougou, according to media reports. The work includes development of 5km of roads within Djibo and 20km of rural tracks adjacent to the main highway. Financing is from the Saudi Fund for Development.

Ouahigouya is the capital of the Yatenga province and is the biggest town in the north, with a population of around 125,000. It lies 182km north-west of Ouagadougou, the capital of the landlocked West African country of around 20 million people. Djibo, a town of 62,000, is around 45km from the border with Mali.

The work is part of the government’s plan called 2021-2025 RND to improve the national road network. Projects also include the paving of National Road 10, from Tougan to Ouahigouya, paving National Road 11 from Kolinka-Fara-Poura,  upgrading the Lomé-Cinkansé-Ouagadougou corridor and construction of a highway between Yamoussoukro and Ouagadougou.