Low emissions zone expansion for London

London will see an expansion of its low emissions zone.
Highway & Network Management / December 7, 2022 1 minute Read
By MJ Woof
London’s low emissions zone is to expand once more in 2023 – image courtesy of © Petro Hnuskin | Dreamstime.com

An expansion of the ultra-low emissions zone (ULEZ) is planned for the UK’s capital, London. This will see the drivers of older vehicles that do not meet the required emissions standards having to pay charges to enter the zone, which will extend to the boundary of the Greater London Authority.

The daily charge will be £12.50 for those people driving non-compliant vehicles. The zone will expand from 29th August 2023 and will include all of Greater London.

Although those responding to the consultation were for the most part against the expansion plan, the expanded ULEZ will still go ahead as it will help ensure cleaner air for around 5 million more people, benefiting health. An estimated 200,000 vehicles drive into London/day that do not meet the emissions requirements. 

Only newer diesel vehicles will be allowed under the change although older petrol vehicles typically meet the requirements. Historic vehicles that are 40 years old or more are also exempt. Many older petrol vehicles can be retuned to meet the legislation however.