Michigan introducing carpooling lanes

Michigan is introducing carpooling lanes.
Highway & Network Management / October 24, 2023 45 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
New HOV lanes on I-75 in Michigan will help reduce congestion - image courtesy of © Sue Smith|Dreamstime.com

New carpooling lanes are to be set up in the US state of Michigan along a stretch of I-75. The move is intended to help address congestion problems for the city of Troy.

These will be the first carpooling lanes in Michigan and are being built in project being managed by the Michigan Department of Transportation authority (MDOT).

The High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes are being in each direction on I-75 between 12 Mile Road and South Boulevard along a 22.4km stretch in Oakland, County. The HOV lanes require at least two human occupants inside the vehicle when used on weekdays between 6-9am and 3-6pm. The exception is motorcycles, transit buses and police and emergency vehicles. Outside of those designated weekday hours the lane is available for all motorists, regardless of the number of occupants.

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