Powered two wheeler safety risk for French riders

There is a powered two wheeler safety risk for French riders.
Highway & Network Management / June 29, 2023 25 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
French powered two wheeler riders feel they are put at risk by the poor driving of other motorists – image courtesy © of Mike Woof

A French study highlights the risks motorcyclists feel when riding on the road. According to the study, 76% of French powered two wheeler riders say they are put in danger by poor driving of other road motorists

The study also says that 73% of French powered two wheeler riders believe that road upgrades have not improved their safety. In addition, 63% of French riders believe that the road rules do not provide sufficient protection for powered two wheeler riders. Of those surveyed, 49% of powered two wheeler riders said they have been involved in a crash (or crashes) at some point during their riding career.

Meanwhile, another study highlights the increasing frequency of speeding by drivers on highways in France. Carried out by Sanef, the study shows that 42% of drivers in France now exceed 130km/h when travelling on highways, an increase from the 38% recorded in a study carried out in 2018. A worrying 3% of drivers exceed 150km/h when driving on the highway, while 51% top 130km/h when driving at night. There were 166 fatalities on French highways in 2022 compared with 119 in 2021 and 140 in 2019.

On a more positive note, just 22% drive too close to the vehicle in front, a drop from the 29% recorded in a study in 2022.