Road concessions winner in Brazil’s Parana State

Six road concessions have been awarded in Brazil’s Parana State.
Highway & Network Management / September 5, 2023 25 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
New road concessions will be handled by Infraestrutura Brasil Holding XXI in Brazil’s Parana State – image courtesy of © Choneschones,

Infraestrutura Brasil Holding XXI has been awarded six road concession packages in Brazil’s Parana State. The firm is part of Grupo Patria and was one of only two companies (along with Infraestrutura PR, part of Grupo Equipav) to enter the bidding process.

The package will see Infraestrutura Brasil Holding XXI handling 473km of highways, including five tolling areas that will open in early 2024. The 30-year concession will run from the end of 2023.