Road risks from motor vehicles

Road safety risks are mainly from motor vehicles.
Highway & Network Management / March 30, 2021 35 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Vans and light commercial vehicles have the highest risk of involvement in crashes according to a new report – image © courtesy of Mike Woof
Fatalities and serious injuries that occur on roads are most likely to be caused by crashes involving motor vehicles. That is the conclusion of a new report from the European Transport Safety Commission (ETSC).

According to the report, the majority of deaths and serious injuries in road crashes are either to vehicle occupants or by people in an impact with a vehicle. In relation to distance travelled, crashes involving vans and light goods vehicles pose the highest percentage risk to other road users. The report also states that pedestrians and cyclists are those most at risk of death or serious injury in the event of a crash involving a motor vehicle. Meanwhile, motorcyclists face the highest rate of road fatalities in relation to distance travelled.

The report also highlights that in contrast, pedestrians and cyclists are rarely involved in collisions that result in the death of other road users.