Road safety gain for Argentina

Argentina is benefiting from a road safety gain.
Highway & Network Management / July 1, 2024 49 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Argentina’s road safety levels are improving slowly, but powered two wheeler riders remain at high risk – image courtesy of © Markpittimages|

Road safety is improving slowly in Argentina according to the latest official statistics. The country’s National Road Safety Agency (ANSV) revealed statistics showing a 2% drop in road deaths for 2023 compared with 2022.

There were 4,369 fatalities on Argentina’s roads due to crashes in 2023, compared with 4,567 in 2022. This is the lowest figure for road deaths in Argentina since 2008 (discounting the figures for 2020 when travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic brought Argentina’s road deaths down to 3,513).

Of the 4,369 people killed in crashes, 40% were riding powered two wheelers, 25% were in cars, 7% were in pick-up trucks and 2% were in trucks. Meanwhile, the statistics also show the risks to vulnerable road users as 10% of the casualties were pedestrians and 4% were cyclists. Of note is that data shows 75% of those killed in crashes were male and 21% were female, with the gender of the remaining 4% having not been recorded.

Latin America's record on road safety is patchy, so this comes as good news. There have been signs of improvement in some Latin American countries, including Chile, Brazil and now Argentina. Peru however still has some way to go. Implementation of the iRAP methodology in some Latin American nations appears to be helping to make advances in overall road safety.