Road safety improvement needed for Morocco

Road safety improvement is needed for Morocco to reduce casualties.
Highway & Network Management / March 2, 2023 35 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Morocco is aiming to improve safety on its congested city streets as well as its rural roads – image © courtesy of Mike Woof

Road safety measures are being planned by the Moroccan Government in a bid to further reduce the country’s annual toll of deaths and injuries. The country has been benefiting from a positive trend in road casualty reduction but is now looking to further improve road safety.

There were 3,201 road deaths in Morocco during 2022, a drop of 6.84% from 2021 according to official data from the country’s national road safety agency (NARSA). Serious injuries also dropped by 5.22% while minor injuries dropped by 1.07%. There were 113,740 road crashes in Morocco in 2022, a drop of 1.53% from 2021. 

The aim by the Moroccan Government is to reduce the country’s road fatality rate by 50% for 2026. Measures are being taken to tackle issues such as speeding, overloading and dangerous vehicles, with tougher enforcement and penalties.