Thailand’s dangerous roads see heavy casualties

Thailand’s dangerous roads see heavy casualties every year.
Highway & Network Management / February 24, 2020 45 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Thailand’s dangerous road network - image © courtesy of Sarah Biswell

Dangerous roads pose a major hazard to live in Thailand. New statistics show that around 22,000 people/year die in road crashes on Thailand’s road network. This equates to an average of 65 deaths/day.

Drink driving is one of the primary causes of crashes in Thailand. Young people are at particularly high risk of being seriously injured or killed on Thailand’s roads, as are the powered two wheeler riders who make up much of the country’s road users.

Thailand’s road network stretches for some 500,000km in all, with around 400,000km being rural roads under local administration. It is this latter category that poses much of a problem, as boosting safety is the responsibility of local administrations that have few resources or expertise available to deliver the necessary improvements.