UK smart motorway safety in focus

The safety of the UK’s smart motorway is in focus.
Highway & Network Management / April 23, 2024 30 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Concern is being expressed over the safety of the UK’s ‘smart motorway’s – image courtesy of © Jonathan Mitchell|

Questions are being asked about the safety of the UK’s ‘smart motorways.’ A Birmingham City University (BCU) Computing expert is calling for an urgent review into smart motorway technology and equipment following reports of regular failures and an increased risk of death or serious injuries during breakdowns.

Senior Lecturer in Computing and Digital Technology, Kira Summers, is warning a lack of fail-safes during malfunctions are also endangering road users and highway workers. She said: “The recurring failures of technology supporting England's smart motorway network, supported by National Highways’ data, indicate a significant risk to life and safety for drivers and highways workers.

“With hundreds of instances in which crucial safety equipment has malfunctioned, including radar and cameras, as well as a seeming lack of effective processes and fail-safes, there is clear evidence suggesting systemic issues with the technology that runs smart motorways.

“It is vital that an impartial review is undertaken without delay and before the smart motorway rollout is re-started, in order to determine what these systemic issues are and how best to fix them, which will protect the lives of those who use our roads.”

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