Vietnam sees a road safety gain

Vietnam is seeing a gain in road safety.
Highway & Network Management / April 26, 2022 35 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Vietnam has achieved an encouraging improvement in road safety – image courtesy of © Indos82,
Vietnam is seeing a steady improvement in road safety. There were 2,731 road crashes between 15th December 2021 and 14th March 2022, a drop of 19.34% from the same period 12 months previously.

Road deaths were also lower at 1,630, a drop of 4.86% from the previous 12 months. The data has been revealed by Vietnam’s National Traffic Safety Committee.

The country has taken a series of measures to address road safety, including stronger enforcement of rules regarding helmet use for motorcyclists and also cracking down on drinking and driving. Vietnam and Singapore are perhaps the only nations in South East Asia that have been able to achieve improvements in road safety in recent times. Vehicle ownership continues to increase in South East Asia and road safety measures have so far had limited success across much of the continent.