CityStream goes on stream for US authorities

Nexar’s CityStream platform allows road agencies to see the layout of work zones any time.
Highway & Network Management / September 1, 2021 1 minute Read
By David Arminas
Nexar’s CityStream licence allows users to know how many work zones there are at any given time (image courtesy Nexar)

Nexar is to provide free for a limited time to US transit agencies a service that detects, monitors and maps road work zones.

Nexar, based in New York City, produces dash cams and platforms for vehicle-to-vehicle networks that help prevent collisions. To do so, Nexar’s dash cams within the vehicles of drivers using the company’s services collect data every month across around 210 million kilometres (130 million miles) of roads. The company says it has a dataset of 3.2 trillion images, including real-time images of work zones.

The company’s said it is offering its CityStream service free for three months to road agencies and transportation departments because it believes that work zones are generally unreported to mapping services. Nexar said all its images are accurately located for context and time before being sent to city officials.

“As a result of Covid-19, traffic patterns have become even more dynamic, which means valuable time is wasted optimising safety and moderating traffic congestion in work zones,” said Eran Shir, co-founder of Nexar.

Shir said that Nexar enables cities to go back in time and check work zone setups whenever they wish instead of having to use old data or out-of-date plans because work zone areas have changed. This ensures cities and transportation departments are addressing transportation patterns on a real-time basis.

The issue is particularly important because US government plans to rebuild infrastructure, including fixing 320,000km (20,000 miles) of roads and 10,000 bridges, are expected to create a sharp increase in new work zones. This will cause traffic congestion and safety challenges.

More information and how to apply for a licence is available on Nexar’s website by clicking here.

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