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Safe highways and roads are of substantial importance for every road user. REBLOC precast concrete barriers are an indispensable part of the road infrastructure offering maximum protection and are delivered with expertise and technical excellence. They contribute significantly to highest levels of road safety in daily road traffic worldwide.
Highway & Network Management / May 26, 2021
All REBLOC barriers are prefabricated under consistent conditions
All REBLOC barriers are prefabricated under consistent conditions

Key features like modular and flexible design, swift installation, reusability and outstanding durability are major benefits of REBLOC precast concrete barriers. Their versatility allows individual and customised road safety solutions, which facilitate the planning und adaptations to specific installation situations.

Highest levels of safety on the road calls for outstanding quality of the vehicle restraint system. All barriers are prefabricated under consistent conditions in a production facility without any interfering weather conditions. Every single element is produced in precise steel moulds ensuring accuracy to the millimetre. All elements are retraceable by an RFID chip (radio-frequency identification) over its full life cycle and are subject to REBLOC’s internal quality inspections and external surveillance process.

Beside a consistently high production quality, the prefabrication also allows for comprehensive storage capacities leading to highest availability. Thus, REBLOC is able to quickly and reliably comply with the demands of any individual request. This means that every project can be completed within even the tightest schedule.

The precast barriers can be installed at any time of the year under any weather conditions. The individual elements form a strong chain connected by the patented interlocking REBLOC coupling system without any loose parts. The fast and highly efficient installation minimises the duration of the roadworks to minimise traffic restrictions. Once installed, the barrier is ready for use immediately and the road opened to traffic.

Due to the system’s modular design, individual elements are easily combined, removed and reinstalled. The highly resistant elements are intended for long-term use and do not require regular maintenance. In case of damage to the concrete barrier, replacement of a single element is fast and easily done, any time and at low cost.

REBLOC precast concrete barriers are an outstanding choice for any highway`s related safety application and provide key features like modularity, careful prefabrication process following highest quality standards, large availability and fast installation. 

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