Warnings from Poland

Poland-based Wektor says its range of warning equipment includes warning lamps, road waves, traffic lights and road signs, as well as road boards on trailers.
Highway & Network Management / August 26, 2020
Wektor’s products meet PN.EN 12352:2010 quality standards
All Wektor’s products meet PN.EN 12352:2010 quality standards

The company, based in Poland, says that all its products are made according to PN.EN 12352:2010 quality standards.

Wektor’s safety equipment for service vehicles, including light bars, can be provided with any inscription on the lamps.

Wektor’s range of light bars includes the LED 2LW EP lamp, which is only 108mm high. With an aerodynamic shape, and lightweight construction made of aluminium profiles, the Wektor light bar has two modules – 32 very bright 3W LEDs (per segment). At 12V, the power consumption is just 4A and the units come in a range of lengths from 1000-1800mm.

Wektor also has a range of warning arrows, with automatic lift, designed for mounting on road work vehicles. Arrows are made of 15 lamps of 200mm diameter with the highest lighting parameters according to PN.EN 12352:2010. Also, LED PCB with increased light intensity and a special optical system meets the parameters of the L8H lamp class (light intensity 2000cd). Lighting sequences are arrow on the right, on the left and cross.

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