Winter on the Vaisala Wx Horizon

Vaisala’s latest Wx Horizon Premium, a weather hazard impact portal, delivers insights into current and future road conditions.
Highway & Network Management / November 10, 2022 1 minute Read
By David Arminas
Vaisla’s Ground Cast Sensor is at the heart of the company’s latest Wx Horizon Premium, a weather hazard impact portal that is sold as a subscription service

Winter road maintenance professionals need to monitor road conditions and predict surface freezing risk across the road network to make proactive treatment decisions. They’ll want the most accurate systems but they can be costly to maintain over the long run.

Imagine having the best system but with no system maintenance cost. Imagine Vaisala’s latest Wx Horizon Premium, a weather hazard impact portal. It delivers insights into current and future road conditions but is sold as a subscription service meaning there are no ongoing maintenance costs or large upfront investments.

Wx Horizon allows road maintenance organisations to prepare for upcoming storms with high-quality pavement and atmospheric forecasts. To deliver this critical information and keep it relevant for use specifically in transportation, the system fuses measurements with industry-leading weather forecasting and road weather models.
At the heart of this service is Vaisala’s Ground Cast Sensor. It measures road surface temperature and the amount of residual treatment material, providing highway maintenance teams with reference grade observations and location-specific forecasts.

Importantly, it has multi-level road temperature measurement, from ground level as well as 6cm and 30cm below road surface. Road surface temperature accuracy is ±0.2C° This is specifically designed to improve pavement forecasts and helps proactively keep roads safe by targeting treatments and validating effectiveness in real time.

No infrastructure or cables are needed thanks to a built-in battery and wireless NB-IoT communications. With no power or other infrastructure required, you can install it virtually anywhere with NB IoT connectivity.

The Wx Horizon Premium and Ground Cast Sensor combination results in more environmentally friendly road maintenance and cost savings. Road maintenance personnel can remain at ease because they will be continually informed of changes that need their attention.

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