Yunex Traffic management for Hamburg

More than 150,000 vehicles pass along the A7 in Hamburg, Germany, every day – increasing regularly. To ensure continued safety on the route, highway operator Die Autobahn launched an extensive renovation project on the A7. Traffic technology on the city highway will be optimised, digitised and connected in 18 construction phases.
Highway & Network Management / April 28, 2022


Yunex Traffic was commissioned to develop and install the traffic systems, explains Markus Schlitt, chief executive of Yunex Traffic. Central to this is the installation of an intelligent traffic sign bridge, that enables flexible reactions to traffic developments and thus regulates the flow of traffic while enabling maximum safety.

Yunex Traffic installed intelligent sensors along the highway to record traffic and environmental data and forward it to the traffic computer. Equipped with the Yunex Traffic Software Sitraffic Conduct, the computer evaluates the data gathered and forwards corresponding reactions to the traffic sign bridge.

The traffic calculator also receives an update so that it is perfectly aligned with the new signal system. All possible incidents such as accidents, weather changes or increased traffic are then already pre-programmed in the traffic computer. This ensures continuous tunnel operation.

The traffic sign bridge lays the foundation for the next milestone in the expansion of the A7 - expansion to eight lanes. At the end of 2023, Yunex Traffic will install a 150m-long median transfer system on the A7. The moveable metal barriers allow flexible blocking of individual road sections or tunnel tubes.

Despite disruptions, traffic can be dynamically diverted by the tunnel operator and continue to flow quickly. This ensures that accidents in the tunnel are secured quickly and safely at all times and that there is no danger to other road users.

The new traffic signs also provide another benefit: equipped with new LED technology, they save up to 90% of the energy used to illuminate the signs while the visibility is much higher.

Yunex Traffic is a separately managed company of Siemens Mobility. Its intelligent mobility solutions are used in major cities across the world, including Dubai, London, Berlin, Bogota and Miami.

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