Ammann machines for German soil compaction job

A German contractor has been using soil compaction equipment from Ammann for a major project in Germany. According to the firm, the use of the ARS 200 unit has allowed the company to achieve the required compaction density with fewer roller passes than with the earlier generation units used previously.
Earthmoving & soil compaction / August 6, 2021
Ammann soil compaction

The company, Amand Bau Sachsen, has been using a large fleet of construction machinery to expand an industrial area in Hof-Gattendorf. The firm is a specialist for heavy earthworks, civil engineering and road construction and is improving, leveling and compacting the soil on an area of 50ha. One of the machines used is an Ammann ARS 200 single-drum compactor equipped with Ammann's ACEforce measuring and documentation system. ACEforce helps monitor the degree of compaction, minimises machine wear and reduces operating costs. The company says that substrates can be worked more efficiently in fewer passes.

The contractor says it has used 40 construction machines, including up to eight compactors at peak times. To increase the load-bearing capacity of the ground, the company has applied a lime-cement mixture and compacted the subsoil so that there is no subsequent soil subsidence when the construction work is completed.

The firm rented the ARS 200 single-drum compactor from Ammann to assist in the operation. The company already has numerous Ammann units in its fleet and knew the 20tonne machine with its ACEforce measuring and documentation system would make the work quicker. The performance of Ammann's intelligent compaction technology was confirmed by final plate-pressure tests. According to the contractor, the constantly changing ground conditions proved a challenge but the final plate pressure tests proved that the firm could achieve the required values using the Ammann single drum roller without problems.

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