Bucket versatility from IEV

Earthmoving & soil compaction / April 25, 2024 1 minute Read
By Mike Woof
IEV’s innovative bucket system could replace graders onsite

An innovative system from French firm IEV could allow customers to use a wheeled loader to take the place of a grader onsite. The quick attachment system offers 30° of rotation to either left or right for the wheeled loader bucket.

Used in conjunction with machine control technology from Leica Geosystems to adjust bucket angle, the IEV attachment system allows a loader to take the place of a grader for many duties such as haul road maintenance or preparation duties. However, a sideshift feature has not been developed so far.

Using a wheeled loader for grading work allows a customer to reduce costs as when the grading work is complete, the machine can then be utilised for other tasks simply by changing the attachment. This does away with the need for a dedicated grader to handle the work, increasing machine utilisation and reducing fleet costs. A range of attachments are available to suit varying sizes of loaders, from compact to mid-sized.

For the customer this system offers the potential for major savings on equipment, while boosting fleet utilisation and versatility. In addition, a wheeled loader can also be transported easily from site to site.