Demolition excavator from Volvo CE

Volvo CE has developed its EC380E excavator with a 7m straight boom and is aiming the machine at the demolition market.
Earthmoving & soil compaction / June 24, 2021
Volvo CE is now offering its EC380E excavator in demolition configuration
Volvo CE is now offering its EC380E excavator in demolition configuration

The straight boom allows the machine a higher reach, as well as stability and good lifting capabilities, suiting it to heavy-duty demolition applications.

The straight boom gives height and reach advantages over the standard machine it is based on. Meanwhile, the cab is protected against falling debris with a frame-mounted falling object guard, with large, glazed windows providing good views of the worksite. The roof window and one-piece front glass are made from P5A, which is resistant to high impacts, meeting EN356 standards. Both the front and roof glazing come with a wiper and washer as standard. Visibility at night is aided by standard LED lights on the boom and platform, and additional light options for the cab and counterweight.

The EC380E Straight Boom excavator comes with key features for demolition applications. These include X1 and X3 auxiliary piping, a quick fit and oil drain line, and water lines connected to a dust suppression system. Stability is retained when working with a heavy tool at reach as the machine has a heavy counterweight that is hydraulically removable for transport.

The firm says that the machine is reinforced for the demolition application. It has a solid main frame made of heavy-duty plate steel with bolt-head protection. There is also heavy-duty (or eXtreme Duty) undercover protection, a heavy-duty belly guard and a full track guard. A slew ring cover and heavy-duty side doors offer added protection. The machine is further protected against damage from debris by added protection on both bucket and boom cylinders. Depending on specification, the machine weighs from 37.8tonnes-43tonnes.

The firm is expanding its range of demolition excavators and will be introducing its EC300E model with a straight boom also in due course.

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