Develon exhibits innovative ‘Future Energies’ machines

The firm is also unveiling the 14W-EREV electric concept vehicle.
Earthmoving & soil compaction / April 22, 2024 1 minute Read
By Guy Woodford
Develon is showcasing its ‘Future Energies' machines, including the DX20ZE mini-excavator (image courtesy Develon)

Develon is unveiling some of the results of its ‘Future Energies’ machine innovation work.

They include the DX20ZE mini-excavator, the first mass-produced electric-powered excavator manufactured by Develon. This two-tonne excavator combines low-noise and zero emissions with the features and performance enhancements that are found on the next-generation DX-7 Series family of mini-excavators.

The firm is also unveiling the 14W-EREV electric concept vehicle. This electric wheeled excavator is designed with a regenerating drive system (eDrive), advanced swing system (eSwing), and eWorking systems to ensure maximum efficiency with zero emissions.

Completing the ‘Future Energies’ line-up is the DL250-FCEV (fuel cell electric vehicle), which has a versatile, single platform design. This allows it to be equipped with a fuel cell powerpack running on hydrogen but offers the ability to transition to a BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) by installing a battery pack.

Develon will also be unveiling several reduced emission solutions based on fuel-saving technologies and the use of bio-fuels such as HVO and GTL.

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