Effective grading from SDLG

SDLG has updated its range of graders, with a new cab, engine hood and better maintenance access. The firm says that the G9138, G9190 and G9220 graders are now better to operate and offer increased reliability.
Earthmoving & Earth Compaction / January 16, 2020

The new cab provides easier entry and exit, with larger glazed areas featuring thinner pillars and thinner silicone stripes to improve operator visibility.

The new displays improves visibility and make the gauges easier to read. In addition, there is an articulation indicator. The new right dashboard also improves visibility down to the rear right wheel and to the right-hand side.

The engine hood has a larger opening while the hydraulic sight glass helps technicians with regular maintenance. The cab air filter is now positioned behind the right-hand side window, increasing visibility.

The graders now include a single large tilt cylinder on the moldboard instead of two small ones, as well as new upper and lower guide rails.


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