SaMoTer 2020 Preview: Komatsu to display new WA475-10 loader

Komatsu’s Hydraulic Mechanical Transmission makes the difference.
Earthmoving & Earth Compaction / February 10, 2020 1 minute Read
By David Arminas
Komatsu’s WA475-10 in action

Komatsu will be showcasing one of is most successful new wheel loaders, the WA475-10.

The 24 tonne loader features the Komatsu-developed Hydraulic Mechanical Transmission (KHMT) and boasts an EU Stage V engine putting out 217kW of power which makes the machine up to 30% more fuel efficient than its predecessor. An electric tiltable engine hood provides full access to the engine compartment. The bucket capacity is 4.2-4.9m³ and the tipping load is 18.8 tonnes.

A variable speed control adjusts the machine’s top speed to the job-site’s requirements while the adjustable variable traction control effectively limits wheel-spin in difficult ground conditions.

Hydraulic speed can be controlled directly by the accelerator pedal making it easy for the operator to find the right balance between traction and lifting power. The optimised Z-bar linkage system provides much more lift force and a higher tonnes-per-hour production rate. Response time of the hydraulics and the dumping or lifting can be set to specific job-sites.

Alongside the wheel loaders will be the new Stage V mini excavator PC58MR‐5, to be available in Europe by the second half of this year. The 5.64tonne machine boasts a new undercarriage with five track rollers, LED lights, an upper exhaust pipe design, maximum digging depth or 4,130mm and a maximum digging reach of 6,570mm. There are also newly developed hydraulic electronic controls - seen on a mini excavator for the first time, according to Komatsu.

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