SDLG expanding machine range for Indian market

Caterpillar is now offering two new variants of its 36tonne class excavator for the emergent market. The Next Generation models are said to offer increased efficiency and lower operating costs in the 36tonne size class. The 336 and 336GC variants are aimed at customers in South America, Africa, Middle East, Turkey, Eurasia, China, South East Asia and India. According to Caterpillar, the 336 and 336 GC offer increased operating efficiency, lower fuel and maintenance costs, and improved operator comfort comp
Earthmoving & Earth Compaction / January 24, 2019
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SDLG is now offering its L946 wheeled loader in the Indian market
SDLG is unveiling a new 5tonne capacity wheeled loader in India. The model launch is significant for SDLG and shows how the firm is keen to capitalise on India’s fast-growing infrastructure sector. “With the Indian Government continuing to invest in infrastructure, the new wheeled loader will be a great fit for heavy-load applications such as material handling, land clearing and general earthmoving,” explained Surat Mehta, head of the SDLG business in India.

The L946 wheeled loader features a 3.5m3 capacity bucket, a maximum 1m dumping distance and is driven by a diesel delivering 129kW. The machine is said to be productive and durable, and is able to offer high capacity in tough working conditions, according to the firm.

In addition to the new loader, 5316 SDLG is also keen to market its G9138 grader to customers in India. The G9138 is the smaller of two grader models that SDLG offers in the region and suits duties in general construction or for work on smaller municipal roads or rural roads. The G9138 is powered by a 201 Deutz BF4M1013-15T3R/2 engine that has an output of 111kW at 2,100 rpm and can reach a maximum speed of 39km/h forwards and 24km/h in reverse. Since 2015, the construction industry in India has grown. Mehta says he expects the trend to continue. “For wheeled loaders, SDLG has a strong market position in the 3- 5tonne range, and we plan to further strengthen our position,” Mehta said. “For graders, there is potential to grow our customer base as well, with road construction activity levels remaining high in India.”

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