SDLG wheeled loaders in Indonesian recycling operation

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SDLG wheeled loaders are proving productive and reliable in a materials recycling operation in Indonesia
An oil operation in Indonesia is using a fleet of SDLG wheeled loaders to recycle mud and soil for cement production.
The five SDLG wheeled loaders are helping to load mud and petroleum-contaminated soil onto trucks every day at an oil field in Riau, Sumatra. The material is then taken away and recycled into cement.  

The oil field is located in Riau, Sumatra, in Indonesia and produces nearly 200,000 barrels of crude oil/day. But large amounts of mud and petroleum-contaminated soil are also generated as by-products, which can be used as ingredients in cement production.   

For eight hours/day, five 5316 SDLG wheel loaders (comprising three LG968L and two L956F units) work onsite to load the unwanted by-products onto trucks.

The trucks then transport the mud and petroleum-contaminated soil to cement plants in other parts of the country for recycling. The fuel efficiency of the SDLG loaders is helping the company keep costs down and increase its margins.

The Pekanbaru, Riau-based company is charging an hourly rate that includes machine operators and fuel. The pair of L956F wheel loaders are PT Sumigita Jaya’s latest additions to its 40-machine fleet, which also includes two SDLG motor graders (both G9190 models). PT Sumigita Jaya bought them in 2017, from local dealer PT Indotruck Utama after its existing SDLG LG968L units had impressed with their performance at the same oil field.   

The L956F has an operating weight of 17.2tonnes, a rated load of 5tonnes, and a bucket capacity of 3m3. Its maximum breakout force is 175kN, while its rated power is 162kW.
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