Volvo CE excavators at high altitude in Georgia

The machines have been used at high altitude, yet have delivered high utilisation despite the tough working conditions.
Earthmoving & Earth Compaction / September 4, 2019
Volvo Georgia_1.png
A fleet of 21tonne class excavators have been operating at high altitude on an infrastructure project in Georgia

The work is being carried out by Georgian construction company Caucasenergo in the most remote mountainous regions of the country. The infrastructure project faces major challenges as it is at 2,500m above sea level in Beshumi, a particularly rocky, hard-to-reach region with very limited access to roads. This means all the machines that Caucasenergo is using have to offer reliability and high off-road mobility.

Caucasenergo is therefore using a fleet of EC210B crawler excavators to carry out the work. These have so far have proven to be efficient, convenient and easy-to-operate, despite the challenging working conditions and severe terrain.

The EC210B features a strengthened undercarriage frame; reinforced boom; solid superstructure with double welded corners; and greased, sealed track link to prevent leaks and guarantee long life. It also includes easy access, centralised lubrication points for simplified, ground level serviceability and greater uptime.

The machines do require maintenance at the usual intervals, which is supplied by Elite Motors, the 359 Volvo CE dealer based in Tbilisi. The contractor says that support has been dependable and that utilisation levels have been high.