Volvo EC30, ECR40 excavators for UK

Earthmoving & soil compaction / May 30, 2024 33 seconds Read
By David Arminas
The Volvo EC37 has a conventional upper carriage design while the ECR40 has a short radius concept to allow working in more confined spaces

SMT GB recently introduced the new Volvo EC37 and ECR40 compact excavators into England, Scotland and Wales.

Both the 3.5 tonne EC37 and the 4 tonne ECR40 boast smooth operation and easy servicing, as well as a spaciousness and more comfortable cab, according to SMT GB - the exclusive dealer of Volvo Construction Equipment and K-Tec Earthmover products in the three nations.

The new models replace the phased-out Volvo EC35D, ECR35D and ECR40D excavators. They also feature many of the benefits already introduced with the recently launched Volvo ECR50 and ECR58 excavators, such as the same spacious, ergonomic and silent cab.

The EC37 and ECR40 share the same platform and components; the only difference is that the EC37 has a conventional upper carriage design while the ECR40 has a short radius concept to allow working in more confined spaces.

The models benefit from a new elongated undercarriage for them to maintain optimum stability in almost any environment, thanks to a much better weight balance provided by the longer contact between the tracks and the ground. High system pressure ensures an impressive traction force when climbing gradients or traveling over rough terrain, while the machines’ superior breakout force, tear out force and lifting capacity deliver all the power to get the job done.

Because of the customisable hydraulics flow setting and work modes for a large range of attachments and applications, it is now easier to set up the machine for any task which translates into increased uptime. If more two operators are switching off using the machine, the contractor can set up the controls each person’s preference with just a few simple setting changes on the new style HMI – the human-machine interface.

With an intuitive navigation system and proportional fingertip controls, these compact machines are the perfect choice even for newly trained operators. Smooth hydraulics and their practical yet comprehensive set up for multiple functions – together with an intuitive jog wheel, 5” colour display and easy-to-navigate HMI functionalities – provide great controllability while allowing operators to efficiently adapt the machines to any job requirements.

The new compact models boast 50 hours greasing intervals, easily accessed service points, wide opening engine and rear hoods and a very high fuel tank capacity of 70 litres.

With auto engine shutdown, hours not worked are not recorded, keeping the machine’s operation efficient for longer while reducing maintenance costs. The patented multifunction hydraulic oil filter also provides outstanding protection for the hydraulic system.

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