Dynapac’s new asphalt compactors

Dynapac is widening its asphalt compaction range with the addition of new models aimed at the rental market, as well as a new deadweight roller for finishing work
Asphalt Paving, Compaction & Testing / April 16, 2021 2 mins Read
The new generation deadweight roller from Dynapac offers high performance
The new generation deadweight roller from Dynapac offers high performance

The firm is now adding the CC1300 VI and CC1400 VI models to its compact double drum roller range, which already includes the CC1100 VI and CC1200 VI models. This completes Dynapac’s range for the 2.4tonne–4.3tonne classes.

The technology in the VI series rollers has already been proven and continues in the new CC1300 VI and CC1400 VI models. Features include transversely-mounted engines and heavy-duty cast forks with built-in points for towing, lifting or tying down the machines. Other important features include optional dual amplitudes, dual edge pressers and an asphalt temperature meter.

The firm has moved the water tank to the rear and coupled with the transverse engine, this is said to maximise visibility over the drums. An optional sliding seat is available to help improve visibility further. For safety, the machines have frame-mounted working lights and have the option of ROPS-mounted LED working lights for night working.  

A mechanical adjustable offset function is standard on the VI machines. Adjusting the rear frame to the left provides an offset for the front drum of up to 50mm, allowing compaction close to walls and kerbs. The drums have tapered drum edges allowing smooth compaction without marks, while large drum diameters help eliminate transversal cracks.  

High frequency compaction is possible while the machines have dual frequencies and the option of dual amplitudes. An optional front right mounted edge presser/edge cutter or dual front right and left is available as well as an optional rear mounted chip spreader.

The models are also available in a combi-version with four static rubber wheels at the rear.

The rollers are equipped with a sprinkler system with an easily accessible sprinkler pump and filter and sprinkler bars including four sprinkler nozzles on each drum. The water tank’s volume is 298litres.

Safety features are included and power comes from a Tier 4 Final Kubota diesel rated at 37kW, although a Tier 3 version is also available rated at 35kW for markets with lesser regulation and without availability of low sulphur fuels.

Meanwhile, the firm is now offering a high-performance deadweight roller for asphalt finishing applications. This is the sixth generation CS1400 VI, which offers articulated steering, the same static linear load on all drums and the same diameter for all three drums. Said to be easy to operate, the machine offers a compaction width of 2100mm.

Dynapac has a new offering for the rental market with its latest compact machine
Dynapac has a new offering for the rental market with its latest compact machine

The CS machine now benefits from the operator station from Dynapac’s large vibratory tandem rollers adding even better ergonomics and visibility. The machine also has an upgraded water system, 24V electrics and electronic drive control.

The asymmetric cab offers a seat that can slide and rotate 180° as well as a steering module including electronic drive control and instrument panel with a colour touch display. However, symmetric cabs are offered on request.

Other features include an efficient sprinkler system with wind protected sprinkler bars, automatic water control, maximum flow sprinkler button, sprinkler timer and water level gauge. The water system also offers dual sprinkler bars visible from the operator’s station a central water tank that can be filled from the left or right side, dual heavy-duty sprinkler pumps, three-stage filtering and an antifreeze connection.

For developed markets the machine is offered with a Stage V/T4 Final compliant diesel while a Tier 3 variant is also available in markets where low sulphur fuel is not available. Both power variants benefit from an ECO position on the throttle control, as well as automatic idle control. Engine access for maintenance is also said to be good.

A versatile ballast system is offered with variable static linear load, allowing compaction ratings of 50-59kg/cm for the front drums and 46-58kg/cm for the rear drum.

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