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Key developments are being seen in the market for US pavers, with new models being introduced by several key manufacturers - Mike Woof writes An array of new US-style paver models is now being made available on the market. Several of the main manufacturers have developed updated paver models, with new low emission engines being amongst the key upgrades being fitted. Atlas Copco has new Dynapac pavers available in the shape of its F800T tracked machine as well as the F1000T tracked and F1000W wheeled
Asphalt Paving, Compaction & Testing / June 21, 2016
Astec-branded BF400 road widener unit
The Astec-branded BF400 road widener unit adds to versatility
Key developments are being seen in the market for US pavers, with new models being introduced by several key manufacturers - Mike Woof writes

An array of new US-style paver models is now being made available on the market. Several of the main manufacturers have developed updated paver models, with new low emission engines being amongst the key upgrades being fitted.

161 Atlas Copco has new 206 Dynapac pavers available in the shape of its F800T tracked machine as well as the F1000T tracked and F1000W wheeled models.

Designed to meet Tier 4 Final requirements, the Dynapac F800T benefits from a new engine installation. It is powered by a six-cylinder, 196 Cummins QSB6.7 diesel that delivers 130kW and meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards, while offering long life and reliability. An F800W wheeled model is also available and it shares most of the features of the F800T tracked paver version.

A key improvement is for the operator station, which has been upgraded with better visibility of the mat as the machine has dual, swing-out platforms on each side.

The firm says it has taken care to improve paving quality, with a key update being the latest Dynapac feed control. This is claimed to eliminate material segregation and ensure uniform material flow. The machine has four ultrasonic sensors and a special narrow centre chain box auger system.

The four sensors detect material heights and gaps to optimise auger and conveyor speed. The conveyor’s 152mm-wide chain box is claimed to be the narrowest in the industry while the augers have 432mm diameter flights, with both features helping reduce centerline segregation. The paver also can be equipped with an optional, integrated hydraulic tunnel to stop material spillage towards the tracks and ensure an efficient material head.
The F800T is equipped with the proven 2599 Carlson EZIV08-15 front-mounted screed, allowing widths from 2.44-5.8m and a mat as high as 305mm. A 34kW, hydraulically driven generator heats the electric screed and maintains a frequency of 60Hz, regardless of load or engine speed.

The new F1000W wheeled and F1000T tracked pavers share many features of the F800T such as the narrow centre auger drive that reduces segregation, the auger-conveyor feed-control system and customers can also specify the hydraulic tunnel extension.

Contractors can also equip the F1000 3.05m class pavers with the outboard auger drive system, which is said to suit paving wide roads and for normal speed paving applications. The drive box for the left and right auger are positioned at the outer edges which helps minimise centre line segregation and deliver a high mat quality.

As with the F800T, the F1000 pavers have low decks and feature two operating stations on each side that swing out for visibility and have grouped controls. The customer can select Carlson front- or rear-mounted screeds, offering a maximum 8m paving width using the EZ R-1020 screed.

4018 Caterpillar Paving's new AP500F and AP555F pavers being sold into the US are now powered by one of the firm’s C4.4 diesels, rated at 106kW and which meets the Tier 4 Final emissions requirements. However, engines that meet Tier 3/China Off-Road Stage III emissions standards are also offered for less regulated markets. Eco mode technology fitted to the engines helps reduce fuel consumption and cuts running costs. The AP500F runs on wheels while the AP555F is the tracked variant equipped with the firm’s Mobil-Trac undercarriage system. Both models have quick-heating electric screeds.

The firm says that new screed platforms are available in both vibration-only and vibration/tamper-bar configurations. The machines offer paving widths from 2.44-4.7m using its hydraulic extension although bolt-on, mechanical extensions can allow a maximum width of up to 6.25m. The firm claims that the special screed design allows for easier extension, even when the unit is in operation.
An integrated generator powers the new screed-heating system, further reducing fuel consumption. The generator connects directly to the engine and combines with the heat-distribution system of the SE50-Series screeds to bring the screed to proper temperature in approximately 15 minutes, compared with the previous 30-45 minutes. The engine runs at 1,300rpm during heating, saving fuel.

Diagnostics are said to minimise paving interruptions if a screed temperature-sensor malfunctions by automatically adjusting the system to maintain consistent heat. New touchscreen displays for the AP500F and AP555F models provide increased flexibility, while ratio control for the conveyors, as well as mix-height adjustment, can be controlled from both the screed and the operator's platform. The operator can make screed adjustments without leaving the seat, while Cat Grade Control can be operated from the tractor consoles.

The Mobil-Trac undercarriage is designed to combine the traction and flotation of a tracked paver with the speed and mobility of wheeled pavers. Meanwhile the wheeled AP500F is available with six-wheel drive to optimise traction. A front-wheel assist or four-wheel-drive option increases front wheel pull force by more than 50%, compared with previous models.

The SE50 V and SE50 VT screeds are designed to improve ride and mat qualities, while providing versatility in urban areas. The SE50 V is a vibratory-only model, and the SE50 VT provides both vibration and tamper-bar action. The SE50 V offers a maximum paving range of 6.5m and the SE50 VT provides widths to 8m.

The firm’s AP1055F paver also has a Caterpillar screed in the shape of the SE60V unit. This 3.4tonne screed offers paving widths from 3-6m using hydraulic extension and up to 7.65m using bolt-on, mechanical extensions. Vibration is fitted although a tamper bar version is also available. Power for the machine comes from a 167kW Caterpillar diesel that meets Tier 4 Final requirements. With the screed fitted the machine weighs in at 20.1tonnes and is said to be highly productive, with a maximum throughput of 1,087tonnes/hour.
717 LeeBoy is now introducing Tier 4 Final diesels for its paver models, with the machines for sale in the US all benefiting from the latest generation of low emission engines. However the firm will still fit engines with lower emissions ratings on its pavers for sale in less regulated markets such as Latin America. The asphalt pavers LeeBoy sells into Latin America are for the most part built in its facility in Brazil, rather than the factory in North Carolina which concentrates on the US market. A key improvement for the LeeBoy paver business the firm is developing in the US is its stronger dealer support, with field service representatives providing greater backup for customers. Paver training is another initiative the firm is developing through its network in a bid to boost customer support.

1252 Roadtec has upgraded both its RP-175e and RP-190e pavers with the installation of new Tier 4 Final compliant diesels, while also now offering the Astec-branded BF400 road widener. The RP-175e competes in the 2.5m paving width class and has a longer track and that gives better traction and a better working life.

The RP-175e is said to be designed to work in all types of subgrades and paving applications. The machine is said to offer full counter-rotate ability and track flotation so that it can manoeuvre and pave in tight areas without sacrificing tractive effort or pushing power. The RP-175e is also fitted with Roadtec's novel anti-segregation feed tunnel design, including the feed tunnel discharge and rear auger configuration.

The machine has the Roadtec Eagle 8 Screed, which is said to feature the latest technology and heavy-duty design. It has heated, vibratory rear-mounted hydraulic extensions that move on dual guide tubes. Both edges of the Eagle U-shaped screed plate are curved, so it can be reversed for a fresh leading edge, doubling wear life. The Eagle 8 end gates can be swung in for shipping to narrow the load width to 2.5m.

Dual operator station seats on the Roadtec RP-175e paver can move out beyond the sides of the machine to give the operator a view down the sides, and similar seating is fitted to the RP-190e. This  is a rubber-tyred, highway-class paver features a 3.05m paving width. It is equipped with two large rear-drive tyres that are steered by two tandem bogie assemblies, which are offset to increase ground pressure.

The RP-190e can be equipped with either a front-mounted or rear-mounted screed. The Carlson EZ-IV Screed is front-mounted and features electrically heated vibratory screed plates and extensions. The patented, tapered shape of the main screed plate is designed so that material is moved toward the outside for a uniform mat, whether extensions are in or out.

The paver features the 1228 MOBA-matic II system for grade and slope leveling. This modular system offers a choice of sensors, depending upon the application. It is designed to achieve a high planarity during paving.
The RP-190e is also equipped with MOBA’s PAVE-IR system, which scans a paving width of up to 12m to measure the temperature of the asphalt. Data on the mat’s thermal image is displayed on a screen in real time for the operator to see if irregularities occur, as well as recorded for documentation and later analysis if required.

1194 Vögele has developed its new tracked SUPER 2000-3i and wheeled SUPER 2003-3i pavers for the North American and Australian markets, with electric heating as standard. The machines are designed for use in highway construction applications. Power for both pavers comes from a six-cylinder Cummins diesel rated at 186kW, with feature including low fuel consumption and the ability to operate in all climates.

The SUPER 2000- 3i and the SUPER 2003-3i have low material hoppers holding 15tonnes, with wide hopper wings and rubber flashings fitted to the apron. The hydraulically operated hopper apron prevents material spillage during loading and directs material onto the conveyors. The wide conveyor tunnel and drives for the conveyors and augers support high laydown rates of up to 1,400tonnes/hour. Large 40cm-diameter auger flights are fitted that feature a novel design which extends service life and optimises the head of mix in front of the screed.

The machines have the latest ErgoPlus 3 operating system, with a new mounting system allowing the console to be shifted between the right and left sides of the operator stand during use. It has a large colour display too, while the screed consoles have been redesigned.

The firm offers several screed options, featuring different equipment with compacting systems. The pavers can be combined with the VF 600, the VR 600 and the AB 600 Extending Screeds. The VF 600 screed has unequal-width front-mounted extensions and suits multivariable-width applications. Its maximum paving width with bolt-on extensions is 7.75m. The VR 600 screed has rear-mounted extensions, handles mainline applications and has a maximum paving width with bolt-on extensions of 8.6m for the SUPER 2000-3i and 7.3m for the SUPER 2003-3i. In addition, the main paving functions of the screed can be controlled using one of the two handy screed remote controls for each side of the paver for the VF 600 and VR 600 screeds.
The AB 600 screed has rear-mounted extensions and uses both vibration and tamper. It is suited for placing cold RAP for roadbase, polymer modified asphalt or RCC applications. Its maximum paving width with bolt-on extensions is 8.5m for the SUPER 2000-3i and 7.5m for the SUPER 2003-3i.

The machines have the innovative Niveltronic Plus system for automatic grade and slope control, which is said to be easy to use and provides precision and reliability for all grade and slope requirements. This integrated system is adapted to the machine technology of the Super series pavers. All wiring and connections are integrated into the tractor and screed, eliminating risk of damage to components.

The key changes to the latest P7110B tracked and 7170B wheeled Blaw-Knox pavers from 359 Volvo CE are the use of new engines. These pavers are now powered by proven, low emission Volvo diesels that deliver 175kW and meet Tier 4 Final requirements using DPF and DEF technology. The machines are said to be versatile and productive and are offered with four different screeds to suit an array of requirements. The P7170B wheeled model is designed for paving widths from 3.05-6.1m and is fitted with an auger tunnel that extends by 107cm on both sides, so there is no need for fitting auger extensions when paving greater mat widths. New wear plates also protect the tractor frame from the screed, while the 12.6tonne capacity hopper is made from 25mm plate to ensure longevity.

The operator station meanwhile has been reconfigured to offer better all-round visibility, particularly to the freshly paved area as well as having a cooler working environment. The operation of the sliding seats has been improved and these also rotate further than previously to boost visibility. A fumes extraction system is fitted that encircles the engine exhaust, ensuring that both are vented at a height and away from the operator. The paver is designed with universal mounts that allow the use of machine control packages from all the major suppliers, while diagnostics and maintenance are improved with the fitting of the latest Volvo CE Caretrack telematics technology.
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