Surfacing options for road construction

Other options exist for road surfacing and repair work that can prove cost-effective in the right application
Asphalt Paving, Compaction & Testing / June 24, 2020 2 mins Read
By Mike Woof
VSS says that its latest 12E model offers sophisticated data capabilities
VSS says that its latest 12E model offers sophisticated data capabilities

Cost-effective road surfacing and repair solutions are now available. In the right application, these can prove effective for fast road repairs without the need for full asphalt paving works. From Secmair comes the sophisticated COMBI1515, which is now being made available for chipsealing duties in North America.

The machine is suited for use by chipseal crews for small to medium jobsites. The COMBI1515 can deliver a quality chipseal finish, with just a single operator according to the firm.

Secmair says that the COMBI1515 can simultaneously spray the asphalt as well as spreading the chips, providing effective bonding between the two materials as the asphalt remains hot. Computer control is used to govern the application rate for both materials, ensuring a high level of accuracy. As the machine operates in a forward direction, no truck drives on the freshly applied surface and this helps maximise finish quality. It can handle working widths of up to 4.6m. This means that a user can easily cover a whole lane width in a single pass. Meanwhile, the machine also features a short compact overhang, which helps it to be used on compact construction sites.

The COMBI1515 benefits from Secmair’s well-proven New Pilot system. This allows the user to set the working width accurately from the cab.

A video camera is fitted to the front of the truck and provides a view of a 7.9m stretch of the working area. Using the road view, the operator can draw the patch as required.

This feature offers a novel solution for clients with a preventive maintenance approach, which is complimentary with the standard Chipseal applications.

Meanwhile, VSS Macropaver now has a sophisticated new telematics system available for all of its models.

The system’s touchscreen display reveals the GPS location of all machines in a contractor’s fleet, the mix ratio of material, rate of material laid down and more. “It’s the way forward,” said Doug Hogue, vice president of VSS Macropaver. “The system has been out with our own machines on jobs and is now being made available for all our customers.”

VSS says that the latest version of its Macropaver 12E offers high production for slurry seal and microsurfacing duties. The machine features automatic start-stop materials sequencing, automatic low aggregate shutdown sensor and an anti-syphon water load system. The truck-mounted 12E has average outputs between 2.7 tonnes/minute and 3.6tonnes/minute.

Options for the 12E include a CALTRANS-approved material monitoring and control system, integrated electric load tarping system and a positive displacement variable displacement emulsion pump.

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