AnyWay, De La Salle University to collaborate

Zeev Halber, Anyway chief executive, signed an agreement with the university’s Gokongwei College of Engineering to collaborate on research on climate resilient transportation infrastructure.
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By David Arminas
Zeev Halber, Anyway’s chief executive (seated second from left): there must be a culture of shared responsibility for resilient infrastructure (image courtesy AnyWay Solutions)

AnyWay Solutions and De La Salle University in the Philippines have partnered to establish knowledge exchanges and collaboration programmes on climate-resilient transportation infrastructure.

Zeev Halber, Anyway’s chief executive, signed the five-year collaboration deal in the Philippines with the university’s Gokongwei College of Engineering. Together they will identify opportunities for the exchange of teaching faculty and research staff as well as identify areas of research interest.

In a written statement, AnyWay said it and the university will “educate the students on aspects of climate resiliency for transport infrastructure”. These will include pavement design and rehabilitation, low-volume roads engineering and rehabilitation and upgrading of road pavement structures through implementing techniques and technologies of soil stabilisation to develop graduate research projects. A mentorship program will also be established to continue research into the topics.  

“By building local capabilities and introducing cutting-edge technologies to the next wave of engineers, this partnership is poised to play a pivotal role in crafting a sustainable transportation network for the Philippines,” the statement said. “Such partnerships are instrumental in transferring knowledge and expertise to those who will continue to develop and maintain the nation’s transportation infrastructure, while fostering research and the adoption of innovative technologies to climate resilience.”

In an article for World Highways last year, Halber explained AnyWay’s approach to climate resilient infrastructure. Engineering design and consultancy is only part of a truly complete climate resilient project. “Perhaps most importantly, involving communities in transport infrastructure rehabilitation projects ensures these projects are sustainable over the long term,” he wrote.

“This can be especially important in the context of climate resiliency, where the durability and resilience of infrastructure are essential for ensuring that it can withstand the effects of extreme weather events. This can create a culture of shared responsibility for infrastructure, where everyone has a stake in ensuring that it remains functional and resilient over the long term,” said Halber.

AnyWay is a member of the Metrontario Group of Companies, based in Toronto, Canada. Metrontario’s own companies operate in the fields of nuclear medicine, environmental development and marine agriculture. AnyWay’s extensive experience in climate resilient infrastructure projects – often in extremely challenging conditions – includes rehabilitating and recycling of roads. Clients include national and local governmental authorities, resources companies, engineering firms and private companies.

AnyWay Solutions was established to provide an advanced soil stabilisation solution for road construction. AnyWay says that its Natural Soil Stabiliser is “lab tested and field proven”.

AnyWay is also providing solutions for rural development needs in developing countries through its Rural Community Development Plan. The construction of roads and low-cost housing by the residents of rural communities is a cornerstone of AnyWay’s plan. The company’s Soil Block, Soil Mortar and Tile Bond are designed to incorporate local materials in the construction process to the greatest extent possible.

To date, the products have been applied to projects in numerous countries including Angola, Ethiopia, Israel, Kenya, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, South Africa and Zambia.

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