Costa Rica’s deficient roads need improvement

A new report has highlighted major deficiencies across many of Costa Rica’s key road connections.
Asphalt Paving, Compaction & Testing / September 17, 2019
By Mike Woof

The report was produced by Costa Rica’s National Laboratory for Structural Material and Models (Lanamme). This has revealed that over 366km of the country’s roads, around 7% of the total network, require urgent, major repairs. Meanwhile 61% of the 5,235km network needs maintenance. In all 63% of Costa Rica’s roads are said to offer an adequate ride for drivers, while 24% of the network is considered deficient and 12% very deficient. New asphalt mixes and the use of new road construction methods are being proposed as ways to improve the network. Although the report highlights the problems inherent in Costa Rica’s roads, it also reveals that the country has managed to improve its overall network in comparison with 2015. Back then Lanamme said that just 48% of Costa Rica’s roads offered an adequate ride for drivers.