Major road restoration for São Paulo

São Paulo city kicks off US$200mn repaving programme.
Asphalt milling, paving & compaction / July 11, 2022 1 minute Read
By David Arminas
Work in the Brazilian city will cover around 5.87 million square meters of highway (image © Rosie Young/Dreamstime)

In Brazil, the city of São Paulo is conducting the largest road resurfacing programme in its history, covering around 5.8 million square meters.

Work started last month after the municipal government used the Sistema Gaia system to map the city's streets and register irregularities and defects in real time. More than 10 mapping vehicles traveled the streets of São Paulo which has a population of around 12.5 million. The cost of the work is estimated to be around US$205 million.

Completion of repaving in São Paulo - Brazil’s second largest city - is expected in 2024.

According to a statement by the city, repaving in the past was done in a standardised way resulting in a uniform systems and asphalt composition. For the new project, “an assessment of the existing paving is carried out through surveys and inspections, which allow the application of customised asphalt for each road”.

The asphalt composition is the same as used in Europe, especially Germany, Sweden and the UK. The goal is for improved resistance to deformation, longer service life and better skid resistance.