Volvo CE selling Blaw-Knox asphalt paver business

Volvo CE is selling its Blaw-Knox asphalt paver business.
Asphalt Paving, Compaction & Testing / August 3, 2020 1 minute 5 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Volvo CE is selling its rights to the Blaw-Knox paver business to Gencor

Volvo CE is selling its Blaw-Knox asphalt paver business to asphalt equipment specialist Gencor Industries.

Following the deal, the Blaw-Knox business and associated assets will shift to Gencor. This will include the transfer of the manufacturing production line currently located in Shippensburg Pennsylvania. Gencor has announced that it will continue the manufacturing of the Blaw-Knox paver line in south-central Pennsylvania and move to a location in Letterkenny Township.

The deal, which is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2020 will allow Gencor to manufacture and develop Volvo CE’s current North American paver product line and market it under the Blaw-Knox brand. Gencor has announced that it will continue marketing and servicing the Blaw-Knox paver line through selected Volvo CE dealers in North America.

The rights to some of the smaller Blaw-Knox pavers had previously been sold to LeeBoy, which then rebranded the machines under its own name.

The move turns another page in the long history of Blaw-Knox, a brand that dates back to 1917 Blaw Collapsible Steel Centering Company merged with the Knox Pressed and Welded Steel Company. The firm made its first road paving equipment in 1929 and for a time became synonymous with asphalt paving in North America as well as Europe. At one time the British Blaw Knox factory was located in a facility that had previously been used by aircraft firm Short Brothers to build flying boats, a plant with much of its production halls tunnelled into chalk cliffs to provide protection from bombing by enemy aircraft.

Gencor Industries is a leading manufacturer in North America of asphalt plants, soil remediation plants, combustion systems, and heat transfer systems to the road and highway construction industry.


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