Ammann’s compact, simple twin drum roller

The Ammann ARX10.1 StV is the only machine with drum consoles installed from a single side.
Asphalt milling, paving & compaction / April 9, 2024 1 minute Read
By Mike Woof
Ammann is offering a compact twin drum roller for rental

Ammann’s new light tandem roller is petrol-powered and features side-free drums that enable compaction in the tight jobsites. The Ammann ARX 10.1 StV features the Honda GX630 petrol engine rated at 15.5kW. This reduces ownership costs and meets the latest Stage V/EPA Phase III emission regulations.

The engine is more compact than its diesel counterpart. The smaller size enables positioning that allows cooling from all sides, helping the machine to perform in hot ambient temperatures.

Beyond size, the use of petrol brings other advantages. Petrol is generally less expensive, so there is likely a cost advantage with every filling of the tank. There is no need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and maintenance of a petrol engine is less costly than for a diesel engine. Petrol is often more convenient for smaller construction companies and rental customers.

The Ammann ARX10.1 StV is the only machine on the market with drum consoles installed from a single side. The drums are support-free on the right side. This allows compaction work on the tightest of jobsites. Drum working widths are 900mm and drums are installed in-line.

A powerful hydraulic system is the core of the powertrain structure. Both drums are equipped with robust drive motors that bring high traction, gradeability and speed. The motors are equipped with a negative parking brake mechanism that ensures safe parking when the engine is switched off.

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