Ammann’s new continuous asphalt plant

Asphalt milling, paving & compaction / April 25, 2024 1 minute Read
By Mike Woof
Ammann’s new continuous asphalt plant is ready

Ammann is now offering a continuous type asphalt plant for customer in the North American market. Designed and developed in the US but benefiting from experience from Europe also, the new plant will be manufactured in a new facility Ammann is setting up in the US also.

The new  Ammann Alpina plant will be able to produce from 270-540tonnes/hour of asphalt and features a drum mixer design aimed at North American market needs. Marzio Ferrini of Ammann commented, “We are going to open our new factory and it will be built there. It’s a product specifically for that market.”

He said that the plant will be able to use sufficient percentages of recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) in the feed to meet US market needs also.

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