Efficient compact soil compaction

Ammann claims efficient compaction can be achieved with its two new compact single drum rollers.
Ammann is offering two new compact single drum rollers
Ammann is offering two new compact single drum rollers

The new ARS 30 and ARS 50 models are said to benefit from advanced technology to deliver high compaction output.

The ARS 30 and ARS 50 suit use in road construction and rental fleets requiring small, durable and powerful products. The rollers can compact a wide range of materials and offer versatility with a choice of smooth or padfoot drums.

Due to their compaction power and manoeuvrability, the machines suit duties where space is limited such as forest roads, municipal roads and walking/bicycle paths.

The ARS 30 and ARS 50 are powered by Kubota V2403-CR-T diesels with EGR+DOC+DPF aftertreatment that meet Stage V/Tier 4F emissions requirements and are rated at 43.2kW.

The machines use just 5litres of fuel/hour. Combined with a 98litre fuel tank, this allows the machines to operate for three shifts before needing refuelling.

The ARS 30 is 1.2m-wide with a strong single-stage vibratory system, with two different frequencies supplying compaction power of 37kN and 68kN. The ARS 50 is 1.4m -wide with a boosted single-stage vibratory system, two frequencies and compaction power of 53kN and 85kN.

A smooth drum is standard on both machines, with thicknesses of 15mm for the ARS 30 and 18mm for the ARS 50. For versatility, the rollers are available with padfoot (PD) drums (with smooth shell kits) and dozer blades.

The drums are maintenance-free as part of Ammann’s ECOdrop concept, reducing the volume of fluids required, making service points accessible and making products environmentally friendly.

The novel no-rear-axle concept makes the rollers more compact and enables a lower engine mounting that improves the centre of gravity for better stability, even on slopes. The design also improves visibility and manoeuvrability.

Also available for installation is the ACEforce system, monitoring compaction progress. The Intelligent Compaction system shows the actual kB value on the display, reducing the time required to achieve maximum compaction.

An optional telematics system can monitor machine position, assist control and provide other important information. All the data can be monitored via the web.

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