Improved efficiency for material transfer

Dynapac’s latest material transfer vehicle (MTV) is said to offer improved efficiency and versatility for asphalt paving applications. In addition, the firm is also now introducing a versatile paver for the North American market.
Asphalt Paving, Compaction & Testing / March 24, 2020
Dynapac SwingApp conveyor
Dynapac is offering a new SwingApp conveyor system for its proven MF2500CS material transfer vehicle

Dynapac has uprated the MF2500 MTV by installing its advanced IMIX package. The firm says that this technology prevents the problems of both material and thermal segregation in the asphalt being supplied to the paver, ensuring that the materials are evenly distributed by the screed and onto the mat.

Another important feature of the latest version of the MF2500CS is the newly developed 1m SW6500 SwingApp conveyor. This provides a long side reach while paving over barriers, as well as for inline or echelon paving duties.

According to Dynapac, the MF2500CS feeder allows high productivity of up to 4,000tonnes/hour. The machine is also versatile and can be used for materials other than asphalt, such as road base aggregates. At the same time, Dynapac claims that the unit benefits from a low total cost of operation, featuring around 60-70% fewer wear parts than conventional MTVs, as well as having a fuel consumption some 70% lower than competing designs. The SwingApp system features a quick-attach design that allows it to be fitted or removed in under 10 minutes by two people. The firm says that this further reduces investment cost for a contractor, which can use a single SwingApp unit on multiple machines in a fleet.

Dynapac says that its latest SD2500CS paver is available in the North American market. The machine is designed for high-production duties and can be used for paving airport runways, racetracks and highways where a hhigh-quality finish is crucial. Versatility is claimed as the machine can be used for RCC paving, in addition to handling asphalt finishing. The SD2500CS is equipped with Dynapac's latest paving systems including Truck Assist, Light Assist, Width Assist, and Screed Assist.

The SD2500CS paver can be fitted with the firm’s V5100THE tamper, high compaction electric screed. This screed allows paving widths of up to 8.1m. The system allows different pressures and vibration parameters to deliver high pre-compaction when paving thicker pavements. The firm says that the unit can also deliver a smoother finish on top layers. The screed’s pressure bar system can deliver up to 70bar uniformly across the width of pavement.

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