LiuGong offers electric excavator options

LiuGong is now offering customers the option of an electric excavator model in two key size classes.
Asphalt Paving, Compaction & Testing / November 15, 2019
LiuGong is now offering customers the option of electric excavators in the 6tonne and 22tonne classes

The 6tonne class 906E-EV and 9tonne class 922F-EV excavators are all-electric models powered by sophisticated, proven lithium ion battery technology, powering highly efficient, permanent magnet electric motors. These offer full torque from rest for rapid response times, as well as high working precision. According to 269 LiuGong, the machines are 10% more productive than conventional diesel-powered models.

The firm says that the batteries are designed to last the full life of the machine, while daily maintenance and diesel engine servicing tasks have been eliminated. The battery pack and electric motor require zero maintenance.

The machines benefit from fast charging technology as well as innovative energy-saving systems. According to LiuGong, this means that the batteries need just one hour to provide an 80% recharge and can maintain longer working hours. The customer only has to plug the machine into the charger and leave it to charge. When the machine is ready, the user can go straight to work.

The boom and chassis components are standard, proven structures that offer long working life and durability. The 22tonne class 922F-EV also shares many of the same high performance features as the other new models in LiuGong’s latest F-series class.

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