Volvo CE’s new asphalt compactors

Volvo CE is now offering new 10tonne asphalt compactors for emerging markets. The DD105 and DD105 OSC asphalt compactors from Volvo CE are powered by Tier 3/Stage IIIA engines, so they can be used in markets where low sulphur is not available.
Asphalt Paving, Compaction & Testing / April 30, 2021
Volvo CE is offering 10tonne asphalt compactors for emergent markets
Volvo CE is offering 10tonne asphalt compactors for emergent markets

These double drum machines are equipped with an 86.3kW Tier 3/Stage IIIA engine that automatically adjusts output according to requirements, delivering power only when needed. Other smart features include Eco mode, which cuts fuel consumption by up to 30% without affecting performance, and an auto-idle function that reduces RPM when the roller is stopped. The DD105 is the standard vibratory model, while the DD105 OSC is the oscillatory variant. The machines are said to be productive and reliable, with ergonomically positioned controls and joystick.

The machines have rear mounted engines and a curved front glass panel for good forward visibility down to the drum and spray bars. The structural pillar supporting the roof is located at the rear of the cab so that the three front glass panels provide an unobstructed view of the road. When working close to obstacles, the operator station can rotate and slide to the side of the cab to provide a view down the edge of the asphalt.

The 10tonne compactors come fitted with 1.68m wide drums and benefit from a system that halves the power needed to start the vibration system. This reduces machine vibration while also allowing a smooth mat.

The DD105 OSC variant offers the Volvo CE oscillation technology, eliminating vertical vibration and allowing high compaction performance while producing a non-damaging oscillation movement. The system suits use in applications such as bridges and residential areas. When compacting against a cold joint, the risk of damaging the cold surface is reduced, and the material can be effectively compressed to seal and protect the surface. The oscillatory movement of the drum can also improve surface smoothness, by realigning the material. To account for the increased wear on the drum surface, the Volvo DD105 OSC roller has a hardened, abrasion-resistant alloy steel drum shell, increasing longevity.

Helping operators achieve a high mat is the Compact Assist function. Powered by the Volvo Co-Pilot display, the tool provides pass mapping and temperature mapping, providing real-time monitoring. This eliminates over-compaction and optimises productivity.

The Volvo DD105 and DD105 OSC both feature automatic water spraying with triple filtration, allowing uniform coverage and variable flow, as well as helping prevent material pick-up. The two water pumps alternate during operation and in the event of a pump malfunctioning, a constant flow of water to the drum can be retained. The 740litre water tank allows for increased refill intervals and is mounted low in the chassis to assist machine stability.

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