Adding road shoulders efficiently

Road Widener is now offering its patented FH-R shouldering and side paver attachment.
Asphalt milling, paving & compaction / April 1, 2022
The FH-R attachment can be fitted to most compact machines
The FH-R attachment can be fitted to most compact machines

The FH-R can be used to lay gravel, asphalt, limestone and more on roadways and shoulders. This attachment can be used on skid steer loaders, compact tracked loaders, compact wheeled loaders, compact telehandlers and graders. The unit offers road repair contractors versatility and profitability and is remote-controlled, operating off the carrier’s engine and hydraulics. With no engine or transmission, maintenance is reduced by 90% over self-propelled machines.

According to the firm, the FH-R cuts out jobsite clutter and boosts efficiency by eliminating the need for additional machines, as well as reducing the multi-step process down to just two passes, dispensing and compacting.

The FH-R is available in left, right or dual dispensing configurations to suit local needs and can be used for tasks including backfilling, road widening, road shoulder repairs, remediation and aggregate placement. The FH-R can work with a variety of materials, including asphalt, aggregates, gravel and topsoil.

Material is poured into the hopper at the top of the FH-R and then dispensed by remote control in adjustable lay down widths from 300mm to 1.8m. The attachment can dispense up to 18tonnes of material in under 10 minutes without the need for any additional scraping or sweeping.

Using the FH-R is said to simplify surfacing work for road shoulders

The firm says that road construction tasks such as aggregate placement involve a four-step process using a machine to pile aggregate on the roadway and road crews to scrape, push and sweep it into place. The FH-R cuts out half of those steps by placing the material where it needs to go.

The FH-R works with standard and high flow hydraulics and has only five grease fittings to maintain. Additionally, the FH-R is available with an optional universal mounting plate to ensure compatibility with an array of carriers.

The firm says that the FH-R costs up to 80% less than a self-propelled shouldering machine, while it is also easy to transport. Compact in design, the FH-R fits on the same commercial trailer as the host machine and can be towed by a pickup truck. Additionally, the FH-R’s small footprint lower traffic disturbance and danger when working alongside live traffic.

Featuring a 360° swivel castor, the FH-R can easily manoeuvre around posts or guard rails or other roadside furniture. The FH-R can also be purchased in a basic manual configuration, the FH, without remote control.