Efficient concrete paving with Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems says that its versatile iCON pave system can be used to deliver 3D concrete paving solutions in an array of applications. Duties range from airport paving to tunnel works, barrier installation, kerb and gutter jobs or new highway projects, as well as trimmer, and placer spreader use.
Concrete milling, paving & compaction / August 20, 2020
The new package from Leica Geosystems can be used for paving, kerb, gutter and barrier work
The new package from Leica Geosystems can be used for paving, kerb, gutter and barrier work

According to the firm, this third-generation iCON stringless paving solution benefits from the firm’s proven technology and experience in concrete paving and can be used with machines from all the main OEMs. The system offers simplified data transfer within the same platform as all other iCON machine control solutions. It features sophisticated hardware that stores machine specific data, with a user interface that the firm claims is simple and intuitive to use.

Cost and time savings can be achieved using the system, which is also said to offer easy installation and quick setup times. The package also provides more efficient workflows for customers using the complete Leica iCON product portfolio across the construction site.

The user can set the system with four machine profiles for concrete paving and says that the package will offer consistent and accurate paving quality. The package is versatile as it can be adapted to a huge range of jobsite conditions and allows for several sensor combinations. It allows continuous paving operation with auto leapfrogging while having reduced cabling and costs due to the new multipoint radio. The system is supported by Leica ConX for track, view and synchronisation.

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