Power Curbers expanding slipformer range

Concrete milling, paving & compaction / April 25, 2024 1 minute Read
By Mike Woof
Stephen Bullock

Power Curbers is expanding its range of concrete slipformers to meet customer demand. President of the company is Stephen Bullock and he explained that the firm is now offering a new version of its successful 5700-D slipformer aimed particularly at customers in Europe.

The existing 5700-D model runs on three tracks but the new 5700-D4 is a four track machine. Bullock said, “This is just to reach that market that wants a four track machine.”

He said that some customers prefer the perceived stability of the four track configuration, while others are more keen on the tighter turning and more compact features of the three track layout. With this development, Power Curbers is now able to meet demands for both preferences. For ease of transport it has a folding belt conveyor. Other specifications such as the wide range of molds, the ability to work with stringless controls, its maximum slipforming height or paving width are the same as for the three track machine.

To further boost the versatility of the new 5700-D4, the machine can be switched quickly between paving on the left side of the machine to paving on the right. Bullock said that this is another feature often preferred by customers in Europe. However, he added, “It’s available now and we’re building the first one and it is sold to a customer in the US.”

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