Sophisticated control system from Bid-Well

Terex Bid-Well is now offering a sophisticated new remote control system for its 3600 paver.
Concrete milling, paving & compaction / March 24, 2020
The new RC package from Bid-Well
The new RC package from Bid-Well is said to help boost safety and quality

According to the firm, this system offers the benefit of a level and safe working area for the operator. Using the remote control is said to allow better onsite communications between the operator and the rest of the construction crew, helping boost finish quality. The company claims that the new control can be used for all-purpose paving applications such as bridge deck construction and also road building. The 3600RC can be used for widths of 2.4-26.2m and truss depths of 910mm.

The firm also offers its 2450 and 4800 models, with the former suiting paving work from 2.4-17.1m and truss depths of 610mm and the later from 2.4-35.4m and truss depths of 1.22m.


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