SaMoTer 2020 Preview: Jaw-dropping performance from Promove's XP series

Breaking up is easy to do with Promove's new 600kg XP600 and 200kg XP200 breakers
Recycling / February 10, 2020 1 minute Read
By David Arminas
Promove’s high-performance pressurised hydraulic breaker XP200

Big job or small, Promove has a complete lineup of high-performance pressurised hydraulic breakers – including the new 600kg XP600 and 200kg  XP200.

Promove’s XP series has an energy recovery system, anti-blank firing system and a power/frequency automatic regulation system. There is also a “smart valve” to enable a plug-and-play system that allows installation of  the breaker without having to adjust any settings on the excavator. This saves significant time and costs – as well as eliminating future problems such as premature breakages due to extra flow. Importantly, this system also allows the breaker to be moved to various machines, making it easier to rent equipment.

Promove will also present the first of the new range of rotating pulverisers - the CR800 – with more versions to soon follow. They are characterised by being made entirely of Hardox 400 wear-resistant steel, particularly tough and with remarkable resistance to abrasion. They are manufactured as a single block between the body and the fixed claw, eliminating welds that would constitute weaknesses of the structure. Oversized pins guarantee maximum possible duration in the most demanding working conditions. They are also protected by a system of bushings which guarantee minimum wear of the pins themselves.

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