The best solution for using RAP in the asphalt mix

Sophisticated solutions allows the use of RAP in asphalt mixes.
Materials / September 28, 2023 1 minute Read
ADM says it can customise its EX 120 plant or retrofit an existing asphalt plant to meet customer specifications

Asphalt Producers that use recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) can make more money for their businesses. Whether a client is looking to purchase a new plant for RAP utilisation, or plans to use an existing asphalt plant and want to start using RAP in the mix, ADM believes it has a suitable solution.

When it comes to buying a new plant, the EX Series 120 hot mix asphalt offers key advantages according to the firm. Able to use up to 50% RAP to provide a higher return on material costs, the EX 120 has also been redesigned with a reverse air baghouse, making the plant more compact and portable than ever. In addition, a pulse jet is available as an option.

The new short frame of the EX 120 makes it easy to transport and it takes up less space on the job site. This plant suits use on remote and demanding locations worldwide and is suited to customers with a smaller production demand that are also looking to meet more stringent environmental regulations. Note that if the location does not enforce emissions standards now, it is likely to soon.

The EX 120 features single-drum counterflow technology and is said to achieve the highest level of heat transfer and fuel efficiency using separate drying and mixing zones for quality asphalt production. The baghouse is up to 99.99% efficient when normal clean aggregate materials are used. Counterflow technology also virtually eliminates blue smoke and hydrocarbon emissions.

Ruggedly built, and affordable, the ADM EX 120 is said to offer a fast return on investment at a low cost/tonne. ADM offers a wide range of components to customise the plant to meet additional customer specifications. The EX 120 is available as a portable, skid-mounted, or relocatable plant to further meet customer needs.

For firms that already have a hot mix asphalt plant and are looking to add RAP to the mix, it is possible to retrofit the equipment. Adding an ADM recycle system and RAP collar to the existing plant will allow the use of RAP in the feed. A number of components will help in the process and in addition to the RAP collar, the customer can select RAP feeder bins, a RAP processor and/or screen, a weigh conveyor and other intermediate or loop conveyors.

ADM is now offering three new systems, its improved EX 7636 Asphalt Plant, as well as a 3.66m x 8.5m asphalt-plant control room and a concrete sand heater. The firm’s latest EX Series plants produce up to 383tonnes/hour of mix and can handle up to 50% RAP in the feed. Using counterflow technology, these plants provide long aggregates drying and mixing times to ensure consistent, quality asphalt that meets all federal and state specifications. Meanwhile, the new ADM control rooms are made with an all-steel welded-frame construction including wall studs, floor and ceiling joists. 

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