Concrete plant innovations coming to market

An array of advanced technologies are now coming to market for the concrete plant segment. Manufacturers are developing new systems that offer rewards in output quality and productivity, while also benefiting from sophisticated systems that allow gains in material logistics
Materials / December 12, 2022
Ammann’s Elba division claims high performance for its latest concrete plants
Ammann’s Elba division claims high performance for its latest concrete plants

From Ammann’s Elba division come the high-performing CBT Series Concrete-Mixing Plants, which are said to be both productive and easy to install. A novel folding mechanism has been developed for the base unit of the CBT 60 SL and CBT 105-150 TB models, which boosts versatility. This is said to minimise installation times as well as allowing quicker relocation from one site to another. The plants can be installed on a simple concrete slab or compacted soil.

The CBT 60 SL Elba is designed as a skip plant and can produce up to 60m³/hour of concrete. It is equipped with the proven CEM 1000 S Elba single-shaft mixer and an integrated linear bin for storing up to four aggregate components. Alternatively, it is possible to use the containerised linear bin

CEL 25, where between two and eight aggregate components can be stored. The storage volume can range from 50-100m³.

The CBT 105-150 TB Elba is designed as a conveyor belt plant and meets customer needs for general construction sites and mixing tasks. It is said to be versatile and can be used for a wide range of duties. The plant has pre-installed assemblies that allow faster commissioning when it arrives onsite.

The plants are equipped with a proven Ammann Elba twin-shaft mixer. Feeding is via an inclined conveyor belt, and the aggregates are stored in the containerised linear bin with up to eight aggregate components and a volume of up to 100m³. A simple concrete slab is sufficient for the installation of the plant. In addition, a linear bin with up to 12 aggregate components and a volume of 210m³ can be used if the units are to be located semi-permanently.

Meanwhile, Elba says that its CFS 30 SL Concrete Filling Station improves sustainability by allowing recycling companies to upgrade and refine the material. The concrete filling station is said to be a reliable, cost-effective approach for those in the recycling and precast industries.

As with the large ready-mix concrete plants, components are weighed and batched separately. The proven CEM 500 S Elba single-shaft mixer is used only for mixing concrete. This makes high hourly outputs of 30m³ possible. The process prevents material wear and helps vehicles load quickly.

The four-fold pocket star is integrated in the basic version. A volume of 10m³ permits the storage of four different types of aggregate, which are fed to the integrated aggregate weigher using separate metering gates. The functionally mounted cement weigher with two inlets allows the selection of suitable cement types.

According to CIFA, the firm’s new EN Batching plants offer efficient dosing and mixing of aggregates. The company’s advanced Fivetech 4000 D model is part of the Diamond Series, the most advanced batching plant line that CIFA offers. It features a modular system of aggregate storage groups with four compartments and automatic loading systems. It comes equipped with a high-effiency horizontal twin shaft mixer and has the firm’s innovative FIVETRONIC automation system.

The Fivetech 4000 D is a semi-mobile system to process wet concrete and is designed to be portable and easy to operate. It can be transported using conventional vehicles and pre-assembled in order to be operational quickly. The design is said to be versatile, flexible and modular, making it possible to adapt it to various requirements.

The plant also features and advanced mixing technology that is said to ensure high dosing precision and reliability, delivering constant output quality over time and easier maintenance. Every operation is also monitored and documented using a sophisticated control system that can be integrated directly with the CIFA VISTA package.

The modular design allows users to customise plant layout and this includes the high-capacity aggregate storage bins. Features include a galvanised finish, a sturdy, versatile and easy to transport and install structure. The plant has a horizontal twin shaft mixer with self-cleaning paddles and is available with service container or external service station. It has the firm’s simple, precise mixing control utilising the proven Fivetronic system.

From SBM Mineral Processing comes a new concrete plant model that can be set up either as a mobile or stationary plant, producing up to 150m³/hour.

As well as the standard version, the firm offers a model for use in high ambient temperatures, with roofs and shade, as well as a variant for operation in areas with low temperatures and that is equipped with full insulation cladding. SBM is also adding a less expensive version to the range, which it hopes will sell in certain export markets. All of the variants come with a new, high-pressure cleaning system developed in-house by SBM.

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