SaMoTer 2020 Preview: Trevi Benne redesigns FR series pulverise and adds the FR 75RD

Added power with the Impact Booster on Trevi Benne pulverisers.
Materials / February 10, 2020 1 minute Read
By David Arminas
The FR series is top of the line for pulverisers

Trevi Benne, a demolition equipment specialist, has upgraded its FR series of rotating pulverisers and added the FR 75RD. A redesign has made them more aggressive in profile and there is now a centralised lubrication system.

The series is for primary and secondary demolition equipped and the models are equipped with the Impact Booster valve. It kicks in automatically when the material offers increasing resistance to demolition.

The unit is 3,255mm long, 80mm wide and has a jaw opening of 1,445mm. It weighs around 8,100kg and operates at around 140bar. Trevi Benne says there are considerable benefits with lower operating pressure and oil flow: fuel consumption is reduced by 20%, opening/closing takes four seconds, power performance is up by 25% and there is a lower environmental impact.

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