Versatile materials recycling tools

Italian firm MB Crusher continues to supply hydraulic attachments being used in an array of materials recycling duties. The units are helping address the shortage of fresh aggregates by recycling old building materials in a range of applications instead
Materials / November 16, 2021
Units from MB Crusher are proving versatile for processing demolition materials
Units from MB Crusher are proving versatile for processing demolition materials

A demolition firm in Belarus commented, "When dealing with demolitions, we have a lot of rubble to dispose of onsite – reinforced concrete, bricks, tiles, reinforced poles and so on – so we asked ourselves, 'why not process this rubble directly onsite and reuse them?' Above all, how do you successfully carry out this process?"

The company is now using a BF70.2 crusher bucket to reduce material size. Meanwhile, an MB-S18 screening bucket is being used to grade the product, cleaning and sorting the material onsite. With two attachments and one excavator, the firm has been able to produce quality material for reuse on further construction projects.

According to MB Crusher, its equipment means that the rubble becomes a resource capable of keeping the construction site active. This can ensure a supply of aggregates even on locations where fresh materials are readily available, or in areas with difficult access, or within cities while managing restrictions and while being watchful of noise and dust emissions.

The whole process takes place onsite and transforms waste into a high-quality recycled material. This method saves time and money, eliminating disposal fees as well as the cost of purchasing new materials.

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